• MAKUMAふぉと
  • MAKUMAふぉと
  • MAKUMAふぉと
  • MAKUMAふぉと

A character debuted in the song “I am a bear”
by Hikaru Utada (NHK’s Songs for Everyone).

A character that appears in the song “I am a bear” by Hikaru Utada, that was broadcasted on NHK’s “Songs for Everyone” in 2006. Makuma is a male teddy bear who is waiting for “she” who lives together. He waits for her at home merrily but in solitude.

In 2007, the sequel “Makuma’s Foreign Journey”filmed mostly in foreign locations was broadcastedand release as a picture book at the same time.

In 2011, the 5 minutes short film “I am a bear, too” was released. It received the recommendation award by judging committee at the Japan Media Arts Festival hosted by Japan’s Agency for Cultural Affairs.

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