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“Domo”, with over 5 million FB fans from USA, being active abroad, going beyond NHK

Domo was born in December 1998 as a commemorative character for the 10th anniversary of NHK-BS (the satellite channel of Japan’s public broadcaster), and became a character for NHK in 2004. Since then, Domo has played an active role in publicity, advertisement, and event branding as a representative character for NHK. With its unique looking and world-view, Domo has many passionate fans all over the world.

In 2008, Domo’s TV series (2 minute 26 episodes) started its broadcast on the most watched children’s channel in the world, Nickelodeon, and have been watched in over 170 countries and regions around the world. After that, Domo became an Halloween campaign character (2008) for a mass U.S. merchandise retailer, Target (with 1600 stores), and the drink campaign mascot (2009) for the Seven Eleven USA, and established its popularity. In 2013, Domo swept USA as a sponsor character for the “Vans Warped Tour”, the USA’s largest festival for the rock 'n' roll and extreme sports (hosting events at over 40 cities).