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    -Cannonball Cat-

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    -Black cat-

Yosuke Kihara
Illustrator / Character Designer / Filmmaker / Amigurumi Artist / Ukulele Player.
Started drawing illustrations for magazines during college days and made a debut as a manga artist on a popular manga magazine 'Ciao' published by Shogakukan.
Started working on digital animation in 1992 with MacIIci. Directed short animation 'Go! Go! Connie-chan!' for Fuji TV's kids program 'Ponkickies'. Started working on developing TV games in 2000. Released 'Ribbit King' on PS1, 'Ribbit King DX' on GameCube and PS2 and 'Kero Kero 7' on NintendoDS.Started developing 'Amigurumi'; Japanese knitted stuffed toy in 2006 and in 2009 created 'U900' with that technique; a rabbit & bear Ukulele duo animation film and character.Since then, four albums and Ukulele products have been released around U900.
Enjoying everyday creating animation, Amigurumi and playing Ukulele.